Brad Anderson

Poet, Alzheimer’s Advocate, caregiver, spouse.

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The Longest Poem

The Longest Poem
(written on The Longest Day by Brad Anderson)

I rise alone before the dawn
The morning light has yet to come
The bed, cool where you would lay
Your covers, undisturbed

I recall your head upon your pillow
and being quiet not to wake you.
This morning I am quiet too, but just for myself
Long has it been since you were here

Far to the east, Eos mounts her chariot
Her raiment, flames of purple and gold
Four winged horses strain their harness
Impatient to bring the day’s light

Urging them skyward, glowing orb in tow
Eos masters horse and chariot
She guides their upward arc, a long day ahead
It will be her longest ride

Far below, I think of you
As I have each day for forty-one years
That first morning, so close together
This day’s morning, so far apart

Your eyes, clear blue-gray
In your right, a small patch of brown
How they could laugh and smile.
When we danced, I saw...

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